Saturday, April 4, 2009

BSC residence halls sustainability

Do you live in the Residence Halls? Do you care about sustainable issues? Would you like to share ideas you have about how the Residence Halls can be more sustainable?
The Sustainability Committee is committed to raising awareness about sustainability issues in the residence halls and across campus. We are constantly striving to increase our own knowledge of, and practice of, being sustainable as individuals as well as within the department. We are always looking for new ideas and incentives with regards to reducing waste, conserving energy and other ways to be good to our wonderful planet!
So far, our efforts have been geared towards the numerous flyers posted around the buildings. Prior to this year, student groups, organizations and offices on campus were allowed to send multiple flyers to each hall on campus. These flyers added up and were hung all over the residence halls. The Sustainability Committee noticed this was not sustainable and bought bulletin boards (1 per hall) and have placed them all in prominent locations in each hall. Now, student clubs, organizations and campus offices are only allowed to send 1 flyer per building for each of their events; cutting the amount of paper used dramatically.
If you have ideas for us, please share! We are always looking for new ways to reduce waste and be more sustainable!


Duck-Duck-Goose said...

As an Alum, 3 yr RA, Past SGA member, and LEED AP I would love to add my two cents
first the sustainability of the building needs to start at the Pre-Design level
a smartly designed building cost less to operate, requires less energy, and if designed right last longer.
Question why the shuttle bus system is not run on CNG or better yet electric.
Ask why all the construction going on the sites do not recycle construction debris
Just my thoughts
if this group is looking for an Advisor I would be willing to volunteer (still have a student ID from the early 90's somewhere)

Carol said...

I don't have any idea about Residence Halls wait i will ask someone and let you know..
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